SS Ksani – Kazbegi Interconnection Project


Open Programme Extension Transmission Network Georgia – Component 2:

SS Ksani – Kazbegi Interconnection Project

 The Project aims at expansion of 500 kV backbone transmission network of Georgia. Several hydropower plants are under construction near Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) with total planned installed capacity of 400-500 MW. Construction of the new 500 kV overhead transmission line (“OHL”) from SS Ksani to Stepantsminda is scheduled for integrating such capacity into the Georgian electric power system, and improving power flow towards Russia.

The length of planned OHL is about 100 km. It will be designed with specifications applicable to 500 kV rated voltage. At the first stage, the line will be operated at 110 kV, i.e. will be connected to 110 kV side of SS Ksani, to ensure evacuation of the output generated by hydropower stations that are under construction around Stepanstminda. In longer perspective, in parallel to construction of the 500/110 kV substation near Stepntsminda, and development of 500 kV power network in the south regions of Russia, this OHL will be switched to 500 kV thus serving as additional 500 kV link with Russian power grid.