About us

Our company, Energotrans Ltd. was founded in 2002. Since its foundation, 100% of the company’s equity interest is owned by the Georgian state.

In 2009, Energotrans Ltd. became the daughter company of JSC Georgian State Electrosystem (“GSE”).

We carry out activities in the following directions:

Energotrans administers:

500 kV overhead transmission lines (“OHLs”) “Vardzia” and “Zekari”
500 kV OHL “Meskheti”
500/400/220 kV Substation (“SS”) Akhalstikhe.

The total length of 500 kV OHLs on the territory of Georgia is 290 km. These lines run across 10 Georgian Municipalities and form the southern branch of the loop between substations Gardabani-500 and Didi Zestaponi through substation Akhaltsikhe.

In addition, S/S Akhaltsikhe is connected to S/S Borcka in Turkey through back-to-back converters and OHL Meskheti providing asynchronous link between Georgian and Turkish high voltage power systems. It should be noted that this is the first case of applying high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology in the Caucasus Region.

The optical ground wire (OPGW) is installed along the entire length of the foregoing liens that undertakes line grounding function, and at the same time is used for communicating information to the GSE’s National Dispatch Center.

Besides the substations referred to above, 500/400/220 kV SS Akhalstikhe is interconnected by Turkish SS Borcka via 400 kV OHL “Meskheti”. This substation is unique in the Caucasus Region, since it is the first power facility in the Caucasus Region where the HVDC back-to-back links are installed.

All the foregoing ensures:

1.  Enhanced stability of the national power system;
2.  Significant enhancement of the 500 kV backbone power grid;
3.  Improved reliability of the power supply to the South Georgian regions;
4.  Avoidance of blackouts and losses due to interruptions in power supply of the capital and south regions of Georgia due to emergencies in the 500 kV network between substations Gardabani-500 and Didi Zestaponi;
5.  Exporting the surplus electricity from the country during summer period;
6.  Electricity import/export/transit;
7.  Considerable reduction of transmission losses.
Currently Energotrans Ltd. develops Jvari-Khorga Interconnection Project, including:

1) Construction of approximately 8 km long double-circuit 500 kV overhead transmission line (OHL) tied-in to 500 kV OHL Kavkasioni as well as approximately 60 km long double circuit 220 kV OHL from Jvari to Khorga tied-in to 220 kV Khorga and 500 kV Jvari substations; and
2) Construction of the new 500/220 kV substation in Jvari.

This Project aims to:

•  Improving reliability of 220 kV transmission network and diversifying power supply sources in the West Georgia;
•  Transmission of 450 MW for Poti Free Industrial Zone (“FIZ”),
•  Transmission of 350 MW electric power to Turkey;
•  Ensuring full control over power flows to be transmitted/received through OHL Kavkasioni;
•  Proving additional transmission capacities for evacuating the electricity generated by he existing Enguri HPP, as well the planned Khudoni and other HPPs to Akhaltsikhe Substation through 500 kV network, along with appropriate enhancerment of 500 kV facilities;
•  Evacuating the electricity generated by prospective hydropower plants to be constructed in the upper reaches of Enguri River basin;
•  Improving overall reliability and stability of the high voltage grid.

Open Programme Extension Transmission Network Georgia – Component 2:
SS Ksani – Kazbegi Interconnection Project


The Project aims at expansion of 500 kV backbone transmission network of Georgia. Several hydropower plants are under construction near Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) with total planned installed capacity of 400-500 MW. Construction of the new 500 kV overhead transmission line (“OHL”) from SS Ksani to Stepantsminda is scheduled for integrating such capacity into the Georgian electric power system, and improving power flow towards Russia.

The length of planned OHL is about 100 km. It will be designed with specifications applicable to 500 kV rated voltage. At the first stage, the line will be operated at 110 kV, i.e. will be connected to 110 kV side of SS Ksani, to ensure evacuation of the output generated by hydropower stations that are under construction around Stepanstminda. In longer perspective, in parallel to construction of the 500/110 kV substation near Stepntsminda, and development of 500 kV power network in the south regions of Russia, this OHL will be switched to 500 kV thus serving as additional 500 kV link with Russian power grid.