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500/400/220 kV Substation "Akhaltsikhe"

About Company

“Energotrans” Ltd. was established in 2002. Since 2009 the 100% shareholder of “Energotrans” Ltd. has been “Georgian State Electrosystem” (GSE) JSC. The activities of “Energotrans” Ltd. are regulated by effective legislation of Georgia, and normative acts, released by regulating authority and Government of Georgia (GoG). The Company holds the Quality Control Certificate: ISO 9001:2015.

Total length of Transmission Lines, owned by “Energotrans” Ltd. throughout the territory of Georgia is approximately 290 km, covering the  area of 10 Municipalities of Georgia and connecting sub-stations of “Gardabani 500” and “Didi Zestaponi” from the south by passing through Akhaltsikhe converter station of 500/400/200 kV. Moreover, Akhaltsikhe converter station is connected with “Borchkha” sub-station of Turkey through “Meskheti” transmission line of 400 kV. It plays significance role for the region of the Caucasus, since the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) was installed there for the first time. Above referenced project, known as the “Black Sea Transmission Network Project” (BSTN) was financed by German Development Bank (KfW), European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The project cost amounted to 250 million EUR. It provides protection of Georgian transmission line through additional connection of 500 kV and creates also capabilities for electric power to be exported to Turkey. The “Black Sea Transmission Network Project” (BSTN) was completed in 2013. The aim of the Project was to stabilize Georgia’s power transmission network as well as to facilitate transfer of bulk power and large scale electricity trading between Georgia, the other Southern Caucasus countries and the countries of the” Black Sea Power Transmission Network”, particularly Turkey. The project will additionally establish an important precondition for the development of Georgia’s vast hydropower resources.

Converter Station and Electric Transmission Lines owned by “Energotransi” Ltd.
Akhaltsikhe Converter Station

500 /400/200 kV Converter station.

500 kV Transmission Line

500 kV “Gachiani” transmission line connects Gardabani and Marneuli sub-stations. The length of the line makes up 22,3   Number of Towers: 103;

500 kV “Vardzia” transmission line connects Marneuli and Akhaltsikhe converter station. The length of the line makes up 167,7 km. Number of Towers:  567;

500 kV “Zekari” transmission line connects Akhaltsikhe converter station and Zestaponi sub-station. The length of the line makes up:  67,3 km. Number of Towers:  160;

400 kV Transmission Line

400 kV “Meskheti” transmission line  connects Akhaltsikhe converter station  and Borchkha sub-stations. The length of the line on the territory of Georgia: 32,2 km.  (152,2 km in total).  Number of Towers: 100.

Strategic Objectives of Company

The mission of “Energotrans” Ltd. is maintenance and management of safe, reliable, economically-viable and efficient electricity transmission.

Strategic assignments of the Company


    • Maintain Energy system sustainability in the country
    • Increase reliability of the network;
    • Enhance main network significantly;
    • Avoid delays and losses in the course of power supply;
    • Execute  import-export and transit of electricity;
    • Improve the effectiveness of the company;
    • Maintain financial stability.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPWe are continually striving to improve the quality of the services provided, and in this course, effective customer feedback is very valuable for us. Hence, should you have any comments and/or suggestions regarding our services, please advise us using the form attached.

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