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500/400/220 kV Substation "Akhaltsikhe"

Procurement Notice

Procurement Notice for

Procurement of Repair Services for Akhaltsikhe 63 MVA 400/11/10.5 Transformer for “Energotrans” Ltd.

“Energotrans” Ltd announces Bidding for Procuremnet of Repair Services for Akhaltsikhe 63 MVA 400/11/10.5 Transformer.

The Bidding procedure will be conducted in accordance with the “Rule of Procuring goods, services and works by “Energotrans” Ltd.

The repair services consider implementation of on-site repair services of the damaged T2 transformer of 63 MVA 400/11/10.5 kV installed in Akhaltsikhe Sub-station. Testing Protocol for damaged transformer T2 is attached to the Tender Document.

Based on the Testing Protocol U1 winding is damaged in both T2 and T3 transformers. Damaged U1 winding of T2 transformer should be replaced by 1V or 1W (nonfailed) winding which should be taken from T3 transformer. U1 windings removed from both transformers should be properly packed form transportation for the purpose of further repair.

N Type of Service Measurement Unit Q-ty
1 Arrangement of Workshop Lot 1
2 Repair Services Lot 1
3 Supervision Lot 1
4 Testing and Measurement Lot 1

The Contactor shall provide the Purchaser with warranty for the repaired transformer. The warranty period shall be at least 12 months from the date of final Handing–over (Acceptance) Act.

The Bidders are allowed to propose delivery period of repair service from 1 months up to 2 months period. Delivery Term will be used as an evaluation criteria with the priority ratio of 0.3. Bidders offering service delivery within 1 month period will be awarded the maxim grade of 10.

The Price for above mentioned repair services shall be submitted considering all associated costs. The prices should comprise all taxes envisaged under Georgian Legislation.

The payment for the actually provided services (as per the Table of prices) will be made in GEL by bank transfer within 20 working days from the date of signing the Final Acceptance Certificate for completion of repair services and submission of relevant invoice.

Required experience of the Bidder: the Bidder should have at least five (5) years of experience of manufacturing 400 (500) kV transformers. Document proving Bidder’s experience as a manufacturer shall be submitted (documents such as: list of produced transformers, etc.).

Price reduction step during Oral trading (reverse Auction) (later “step”) is GEL 15,500.00 (fifteen thousand five hundred). Increase of Bid price is not allowed during the Oral Trading (Reverse Auction). The place for conducting the Oral Trading (Reverse Auction) is: 2, Baratashvili Str., Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia. Office of the Purchaser.

The Bidders shall furnish with their Bid a Bid Security – Bank Guarantee – with the validity period of at least by 30 calendar days more than the validity of the Bid submitted by Bidder. The amount of Bid Security shall be GEL 46,500.00 (forty six thousand five hundred).


The Bidder who will be awarded the contract shall furnish a performance security – Bank Guarantee – in the amount of GEL 155,000.00 (one hundred fifty five thousand).


For obtaining Tender Document the interested Legal Entities shall pay non-refundable fee in the amount of GEL 50 (fifty) on the following bank account of “Energotrans” Ltd:

“TBC Bank” JSC

Code: TBCBGE22

Bank Account: GE37TB7731436030100001

Beneficiary: “Energotrans” Ltd

Purpose: Bidding Document fee for the Bidding: T02 S -01/2016

Upon submission of document proving the payment of abovementioned non-refundable fee the Bidding Document shall be obtained in the office of “Energotrans” Ltd on the address indicated below from the date of Procurement Notice Publication until January 27, 2017, 18:00.

Address of the Purchaser:

 Office of “Energotrans” Ltd

2, Baratashvili Str., Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia

Tel: +(99532)2510391

E-mail: m.gikoshvili@energotrans.com.ge


Bidders’ Bids and Qualification Information shall be submitted by the Bidders on the address indicated above on or before January 30, 2017, 15:00 local time. The Bids will be opened on January 30, 2017, 15:00 local time in the presence of those Bidders who choose to attend. Late Bids will be rejected.

The Bid including all necessary documents shall be submitted in English language. The Bid shall be submitted in a sealed envelope indicating the following information: To: Bidding Commission of “Energotrans” Ltd, Name of the Bidder, Name of the Bidding Process, Bidding # T02 S01/2016.

For participation in the Bidding the Bidders should submit the following qualification information together with their Bid:

For Georgian Bidders:

  1. For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs of private law:
  2. Extract from the Register of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial (non-commercial) Legal Persons;
  3. Certificate of public/legal restrictions (from National Agency for Public Registry)
  4. Bidders (identification) details: address, ID code, bank details, telephone number, e-mail.
  5. For Legal Entities under Public Law:
  6. Certificate of public/legal restrictions (from National Agency for Public Registry)
  7. Bidders (identification) details: address, ID code, bank details, telephone number, e-mail.
  8. For physical persons:
  9. Certificate of public/legal restrictions (from National Agency for Public Registry);
  10. Bidders (identification) details: address, ID code, bank details, telephone number, e-mail.

          For foreign Bidders:

Document indicating legal status of the Bidder issued by the relevant body of the Bidder’s country in accordance with the applicable law.


The Bids will not be considered as acceptable and will not be allowed for further evaluation in the following cases:

  • If the Bidder fails to submit all necessary documents (with supporting documentation) and/or information required by this procurement notice and Bidding Document;
  • If in case of the request of the Bidding Commission the Bidder fails to specify, complete, submit or reconfirm the qualification information required by this procurement notice;
  • If the Bidder refuses to correct arithmetical (mechanical) errors revealed in its Bid by Bidding Committee;
  • If the Bid and/or qualification information are incompliant with the requirements prescribed in the Bidding Document and/or this procurement notice;
  • If there is noted applying of unfair practice by the side of the Bidder in the process of procurement;
  • Qualification data submitted by Bidder or the data given in the Bid, or the documents confirming them are found out to be false.

In case when the Bidder’s Bid is in compliance with the technical requirements of the Bidding Document it is allowed to specify or complete the Bidder’s Bid or re-submit required qualification information without changing the Bid’s substance, otherwise The Bid will not be considered for evaluation.

The Bidder should submit only one Bid. Alternative Bids are not allowed.

Interested Legal entities may familiarize with the Bidding Document in the office of the Purchaser until the deadline for Bid submission.

This procurement Notice will be also published on the website of the Purchaser: www.energotrans.com.ge

Additional information could be obtained in the office of “Energotrans” Ltd at the address indicated above.

Contact persons:

Maia Gikoshvili, Deputy Director of “Eenergotrans” Ltd, Bid Commission Member, E-mail: m.gikoshvili@energotrans.com.ge

Tea Toriashvili, Procurement Manager, E-mail: t.toriashvili@energotrans.com.ge


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